Building A New Home For Your Young Family


When you’re in the planning stages of a building a new home for your young family, it’s easy to get excited and wrapped up in thinking about all the things you want and need from that home today, but if you take the time to design a home that plans for the future, too, you and your family will get decades or maybe even generations of good service from that home.

  • A Nursery With A Future – If your family includes a baby, or you hope it will soon, one smart choice you can make in your home design is a nursery adjacent to the master bedroom. Once your last infant is ready for his or her own bedroom, you can use the space for a private den or office, a craft or exercise room, or convert it to an extra walk-in closet.
  • Open Design, Open Sightlines – An open design in the main living area of the house offers open sightlines over a wide area, so you can give young children more room to roam, while still keeping an watchful eye on their activities. Open floor plans are also desirable for entertaining, so it’s a good choice for families of all types and ages.
  • Plan For Tomorrow – Today, you may be building a home for your family with a baby or toddler and pre-school aged kids, but someday, that family will include teenagers, and at some point, you may have a multi-generational family including elder parents or young adults moving back home after college. Plan a bathroom that would readily lend itself to access for a wheelchair or someone with difficulty walking. Plan a space where your future teens can entertain friends without driving you crazy. Think about spaces in your home where your family can stay active and entertained when it’s too cold and snowy to be outside. Maybe today’s basement can be finished as a playroom with a soccer goal net at one end, ball pit, or built-in swings. As the kids get older, you can convert the space to a private family theater or game room, and when they’ve moved out, it can be the bar you always wanted.

Building A Safe And Healthy Home For Your Young Family

If you’re building a new home for your young family in the Downer’s Grove area, Barriere Construction offers top-quality design and build services for high-performance homes. Our homes use state-of-the-art design and materials to create a safe, healthy, and energy-efficient home for you and your family, while reducing environmental impact. By taking advantage of natural light, shade, and ventilation, and optimizing energy usage with effective insulation and roofing, energy-saving appliances and HVAC, and water-conserving fixtures, appliances, and landscape, the homes we design and build offer significant savings over the life of the home. Contact us to learn more about how Barriere Construction can help you design and build a home that’s perfect for your family today and in the future.

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