Barriere Construction Is Set Apart From Other Naperville Builders


What Sets Barriere Construction Apart From Other Naperville builders?

If you’re planning to design and build a custom home in the Naperville area, you want to be confident that you’re choosing a home builder who will help you design the perfect home for your family and lifestyle, with state-of-the-art materials and techniques to save energy and contribute toward a cleaner environment, and who will treat you like a partner, not an obstacle, in the process. A custom home is the culmination of years of working, planning, saving, and dreaming, and in the end, it should be a perfect fit for your family, and built to last for generations. The homes built by Barriere Construction are a step above other Naperville Custom Home Builders in terms of design and quality material.

  • Experience – By choosing an experienced custom home builder like Barriere Construction, you’re not only getting construction experience, but equally importantly, you’re getting the benefit of their experience in listening to clients, understanding what matters most to them, and designing a home that is truly customized for each client. In order to build the right custom home for your family, your Naperville builders need to account for your current needs and uses, but also for future needs; today’s guest room may become tomorrow’s room for an elderly parent or a playroom for grandkids. Designing with the future in mind is one of the ways an experienced custom homebuilder helps you get the best value and versatility from your home.
  • Certified Expertise – When it comes to building a home that’s designed in every detail to save energy and contribute toward a cleaner environment, Barriere Construction homes are certified to meet or exceed Energy-Star standards set forth by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). In fact, our homes have a Home Energy Rating System Score (HERS) of 60 or lower, meaning that they are at least 40 percent more energy-efficient than a standard new home. We achieve this by designing natural light and airflow that support efficient use of electricity and gas, and by using materials, fixtures, and appliances that provide a safe and comfortable environment in the home while reducing the demand for electricity, gas, and water. Make your dream home a green home.
  • End-To-End Communications – From site selection and design, all the way to the final walk-through, the professionals at Barriere Construction treat you as a partner in the process. It’s your home, and we respect your input and opinions. We encourage our clients to visit the site at various points during the process to learn more about how their homes are being constructed, so they’ll understand how to maintain it and make the best use of its features in the future.

Barriere Construction Is The Perfect Partner To Build Your Naperville Custom Home

When you’ve reached the point where you’re ready to turn your hard work and dreams of a custom home into reality, Barriere Construction offers premium service, in addition to guaranteed expert workmanship and premium materials, to make your dream home everything you’d hoped for and more. Contact us to set up a consultation and start the process of building your custom home. Naperville Home Builders

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