Naperville, IL 6

Refresh Your Home with Renovations by Barriere Construction

Any house that isn’t custom built is going to have certain features that don’t necessarily work or make sense for all residents. That’s why many homeowners decide to renovate their current homes to better fit their family’s lifestyle and needs. Barriere Construction has been brought in to make adjustments of all sizes to homes. From fully finishing basements and bathrooms to installing newer, modern appliances in kitchens, there is nothing the team at Barriere Construction can’t do. Our customers located in Naperville, Illinois had renovations done to the kitchen to feature new granite countertops and an oversized island to make the kitchen more functional. New appliances were included and add a fresh appearance to the interior of the house. Hardwood floors contrast well with the soft color tones seen in the cabinetry and surfaces used throughout. Allow our team to make your home feel more like your home.